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We Play Guitar offers a completely personal guitar tuition experience. We listen to your tastes, styles and what areas you want to improve, which means you’ll be learning in the best possible way for you. Using SKYPE, you will receive bespoke, online guitar tuition. The lessons are great fun and you’ll see the results almost immediately!

Online Guitar Tuition UK – The convenient way to learn to play guitar

Learn to play guitar in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to modern technology, online guitar tuition (using real-time one-to-one Skype video stream) is rapidly gaining in popularity! Will Tait is a great guitar instructor. He conveys guitar playing techniques along with rhythm and timing in an easy-to-understand way which makes learning to play a guitar such a joy. UK Skype guitar lessons are quick and convenient. Book your online guitar tuition with Will Tait TODAY and enjoy amazing results! Call Will Tait TODAY.

You’ll be playing guitar sooner than you think…

Will Tait has been teaching guitar for the last 8 years. He works with pupils of all ages and abilities, so you’ll be in safe hands. After each lesson you will receive notes (on PDF) and backing tracks where applicable, to make sure you’re able to practice at home between lessons and put your new skills to use!

All payments are made securely over PayPal, so you can rest assured that your money and details are safe.

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Whether you simply want to play for fun or you’re taking grade exams your skills will improve rapidly with online guitar tuition.

Sound like your favourite band, play your favourite songs and improve specific areas of your playing! Call Will Tait for more information and start learning guitar today!